How much will I receive?

SCOPAL will market your files at either $400 each for a package of material (Pro Video) or $200 each for a single video sequence (Brief). Professional buyers will be looking for five to 10 minutes of material on any given subject, to give them scope for editing and post-production. If your clips are longer, perhaps you should think about editing out repetitive sequences -- or offering multiple files after dividing the material.

SCOPAL’s commission for a successful sale is 50%, so $200 for a Pro Video bundle of material, or $100 for a Brief. SCOPAL's platform provides you with the opportunity of selling your material multiple times for multiple payments. We will advise you immediately of a successful sale and transfer your share as soon as we clear the funds from the purchaser.

What information should I provide with the video file?

The more information you provide, the greater the chance SCOPAL has to find a buyer for your material. Please provide names, places, dates, tag words for search functions etc. And in the description field, give as much detail as possible – remember that people may be searching for many reasons by theme, subject, location.

It is often the case that permission is required to film under-18s and in certain sensitive environments. Please ensure you have written confirmation of such permission, should it be requested by a potential purchaser,

I’ve seen my video online or on TV but I’ve not been paid. What should I do?

SCOPAL takes great care to ensure buyers from our platform abide by our terms and conditions, to ensure you get paid properly and promptly. You retain the copyright which means you have the right to pursue any platform, website, agency or broadcaster who is pirating your material. Contact us if you feel this is happening and we will try to help you investigate. SCOPAL cannot be held responsible for the illegal or inappropriate use of your material. As you retain copyright, it is your responsibility to pursue at your own expense any legal claim or request for redress for copyright infringement.

Can I upload anything I want?

The field is open – it’s difficult to know which subject is the next big thing. But there are one or two rules which must be followed:

You MUST own the copyright of everything you upload to the SCOPAL platform – make sure it’s yours to upload. This goes also for any copyrighted music, either live or embedded afterwards, or images captured within your footage that may be copyrighted. Potential purchasers will be looking for raw, clean footage that is easy to edit - leave extra soundtracks and effects to the post-production people. SCOPAL cannot be held responsible for illegal content that you upload.

Can I delete a video I’ve uploaded?

Let us know if you change your mind and we’ll delete the file.

Can I delete my account?

We’d hate to see you go, but if you change your mind, we’ll delete your account within 30 days.

Can I use the material however I want?

Buying through SCOPAL means you have a licence to use the material and to archive it for your own use in perpetuity. You are NOT buying the copyright however, that is retained by those uploading the material to the platform.

It is the downloader’s responsibility to ensure no onward licensing or use by unauthorised third parties. Purchase through SCOPAL provides non-transferable and non-exclusive rights. Please contact us if you wish to use licenced material for any other purposes or if you wish to gain exclusivity.

Do I need to credit the copyright holder?


Are there any download limits or registration fees?

Registration on the SCOPAL platform is free of charge for buyers and sellers, Buyers may download an unlimited number of files. All connection and communication costs, and any administration and banking charges which are to be borne by the buyers.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the material?

All material is available for inspection in lo-res and watermarked format before purchase. A full credit, minus a $50 dollar administration fee, will be made to purchasers if they give due notice no later than 60 minutes after download of the hi-res file